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Greyface Games is an Indie studio based in the UK creating games and related works primarily in our own universe; Discordian Tales.

Our games are set in a diverse, exciting, and expansive modern/medieval world of engaging humanoid and anthropomorphic characters with rich backstories and personalities in immersive locations and settings.

We create stories with detailed lore and a heavy focus on accessibility, equality, and a firm belief in seeing beyond traditional and often negative clichés and tropes.

The real world is nuanced, and it is generally only our point of view that defines what we consider ‘right’ or ‘wrong’, or ‘normal’.

We want our games to address that, and create a more balanced and fair real world through the stories in our fantasy world.

The world we’ve created features custom economy, government, religion and calendar systems with a focus on intuitive and fully interactive environments to allow for different player styles, experiences, and replay value.

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Looking for inspiration, ideas, or just a brainstorming session? Reach out to our Game Masters and we'll see what wonders we can create together. Read More


Need a custom mod or tweak, some bugs squashed, or some thorough testing? Let our Devs work their magic to solve all your problems. Read More


Game already in development? Need some help in dotting those i's and crossing those t's? We can maintain your GDD/TDD and keep things moving. Read More


All boxed up and no where to go? We'll handle the final hurdle of testing for you, ready to face the hordes of publishing platforms together. Read More

Latest Posts

  • Merauders – Dev Log #15
    April 14, 2024 / No Comments / DevLog,Merauders A shorter Week 15 of development with focus temporarily shifting to other aspects of the project… A crime/reputation system that you can hide from with a disguise? Check! A more integrated disguise system to hide from crime? Check! A portable lighting systems to illuminate the dark? Check! A steam page for you to wishlist the

  • Merauders – Dev Log #14
    April 7, 2024 / No Comments / DevLog,Merauders Closing off Week 14 with a focus on tweaking some of the existing MVP mechanics… Improved weather and day/night system? Check! Seasonal harvests and footprints in the snow? Check! Dynamic lighting system for increased immersion? Check! Prototype quest and compass mechanics? Check! Cute dash and jump mechanics? Check! An updated live demo of the current

  • Merauders – Dev Log #13
    March 31, 2024 / No Comments / DevLog,Merauders Wrapping up a productive Week 13 with the MVP progressing in leaps and bounds! A fully functional calendar and time system with day/night cycle? Check! A complete weather system with seasonal changes? Check! A basic random voiced dialog system for NPCs? Check! A proximity detection system and proto-sneak mechanic? Check! A live demo of the

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