Author: Greyface

Author: Greyface

Merauders – Dev Log #8
Image February 25, 2024 DevLog,Merauders Greyface

Much of the mechanics have now been wrapped up; still some refinement to be done but we’re almost ready to kick off building the vertical to start next week. mi tawa. o pona!

Merauders – Dev Log #7
Image February 19, 2024 DevLog,Merauders Greyface

Week 7 flew by without as much progress as we’d hoped, but core mechanics and systems are slowly coming together. We know how you’ll move around and interact with the world, as well as how you’ll communicate with the many peoples of the world. On to the finer mechanics now before we start putting this

Merauders – Dev Log #6
Image February 11, 2024 DevLog,Merauders Greyface

With week 6 fading into the twilight, we have- And, as of this week, a core game play loop to bring it all together. Next step, mapping out some core mechanics and systems over the coming weeks before the “real” work of actually making the game begins in March. mi tawa. o pona!

Merauders – Dev Log #5
Image February 4, 2024 DevLog,Merauders Greyface

Closing out another week of development on “Merauders: A Voyage of Discovery“. When building the world of Modieva, we had envisioned each culture and community sharing a common language. In exploring this idea further we have been playing with some concepts to for how players and characters will communicate within the game world. After much

Merauders – Dev Log #4
Image January 28, 2024 DevLog,Merauders Greyface

A “background” week focusing more on the business of the game rather than the game itself. Productive, but not necessarily creative. Still, onwards and upwards! Back to dialog trees and script writing this week before the fun of mechanics and game loop design kicks off next week… Wish us luck!

Merauders – Dev Log #3
Image January 21, 2024 DevLog,Merauders Greyface

Closing in on the end of (a very slow) Week 3 of development. Minor story tweaks and branching dialog adjustments, but any progress is progress. Week 4: Dialog, dialog, dialog! Stay tuned, and wish us luck!

Merauders – Dev Log #2
Image January 11, 2024 DevLog,Merauders Greyface

That’s a wrap on the 2nd week of development for Merauders. It has been an intense week of ups and downs- and more than a few disruptions, distractions, and deviations- but progress is being made, and that’s the most important thing. Next stop- Cutscenes, Script Revision, and Storyboarding! Stay tuned for more…

Merauders – Dev Log #1
Image January 3, 2024 DevLog,Merauders Greyface

Coming up to the end of the first week of the rebooted development of “Merauders: A Voyage of Discovery“. As it stands, we now have a plan of action for the next few months with a view to launching the game in September. By June the core of the game should be running with all