Merauders – Dev Log #1
January 3, 2024 No Comments DevLog,Merauders Greyface

Coming up to the end of the first week of the rebooted development of “Merauders: A Voyage of Discovery“.

As it stands, we now have a plan of action for the next few months with a view to launching the game in September.

  • Jan: World Building and Narrative Sprint
  • Feb: Mechanics and Game Loop Sprint
  • Mar: Minimum Viable Product Sprint
  • Apr: Art and Sound Design Sprint
  • May: Vertical Slice Sprint

By June the core of the game should be running with all sound, artwork, character designs, and mechanics in place, allowing adequate time for the development of all the levels by August and for testing to be completed by October.

It’s an ambitious timeline, but achievable.

Stay tuned for more news in the weeks to come!

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